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    PHH at the Heart Counseling and Wellness is part of The PHH Network. We specialize in CBT-CAM (cognitive behavioral therapy integrated with complementary and alternative medicine) for trauma, anxiety, and depression. 

    We offer a unique therapeutic experience that is customized to meet each client where they are and evolve with each client on their healing journey. Healing is not a linear process, and we are here to provide the skills and coping tools to navigate each person’s experience.  Learning it’s the journey that holds the beauty not the destination.

    Appointments are available in-person and virtually.

    Fun Facts About Us

    • We integrate complimentary therapies known as CAM into each clients talk therapy treatment plan. CAM therapies include: nutrional assessments, yoga therapy, Reiki, and craniosacral therapy.  
    • We provide supervision programs for LPC licensure and Peer Specialists
    • Our practice partners with Project Healing Hive’s case study research and development utilizing their 12-week CIM program
    • We sponsor free weekly community yoga and meditation classes.


    Creating Community Mental Health and Wellness Solutions 

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