• Counseling and Wellness Services

    Working with trauma, anxiety, and depression are specialized areas of psychological and somatic practice. Our team has extensive training and knowledge working with these very sensitive areas of mental health. We use applied knowledge with ACE’s (adverse childhood experiences), the development of acute stress and post-traumatic stress. Identifying how post-trauma responses form and develop over time, our team will help guide clients back into regaining safety in one’s body. 

    This is an incredibly important aspect of knowing how to heal and ensure long-term recovery from mental health challenges. We understand the impact mental health challenges, trauma, and ACE’s has on one’s life and body. PHH at the Heart Counseling and Wellness offers evidenced-based complementary therapies (CAM) that are integrated into your treatment plan. These therapies have been shown to assist with mind/body healing and improve cognition while taking a holistic approach to mental health treatment.

    Our team specializes in working with adults that have/are experiencing:

    • Domestic violence
    • Generational trauma
    • Adults that have experienced childhood sexual abuse
    • Anxiety & Depression
    • Drug and alcohol abuse/recovery support
    • Eating disorder support

    Complementary therapies (CAM) that will be integrated into your treatment plan:

    • Nutritional Assessment
    • Peer Counseling
    • Individual/Group Yoga & Meditation Therapy
    • Bodywork (craniosacral therapy)
    • Reiki/Biofield Therapy
    • Beehive Immersion Therapy

    We are available for in-person or telehealth appointments. Book a free 30min phone consultation.