• Megan Foss, MS

    Formally, Megan is a Masters Level Counselor with a Masters of Science degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine with a special focus on Addiction Medicine, providing her with a strong foundation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) within a holistic framework. She has complemented this with additional training in Trauma from the Institute for Family Professionals and domestic violence from the Women’s Center of Montgomery County. Megan also values diversity and is allied with the LGBTQ+ community, having volunteered with efforts like The Trevor Project. She has also participated in extensive training for mindfulness-based practices through the Myrna Brind Institute/Jefferson University and the University of Penn’s Mindfulness programs. She believes mindfulness is a key ingredient in cultivating change of any kind, often incorporating this modality into the therapy process. Along with her academic and professional training, Megan weaves together experience and insight from her own continuing mental health/addiction recovery and chronic physical health issues, into a colorful tapestry of knowledge and support.

    Informally, Megan enjoys capturing life’s moments through the lens of a camera, prefers water to land, and would be lost without the companionship of her three dogs. Nature, reading, and music never fail to elevate her mood and fuel her soul. She and her wife live comfortably on a small farm called What-A-Hoot Hollow in southeastern PA, alongside chickens and goats!