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    Youth Mental Health Advisory Board of PXV

    The Youth Mental Health Advisory Board of Phoenixville is sponsored by PHH at the Heart. We are accepting applications for youth ages 12 to 17 years old living in the Phoenixville area that would like to make a difference in youth mental health care. By creating discussions about ongoing issues and needs pertinent to youth mental health resources, treatment options, accessibility.

    The YMAB of PXV will engage the community, schools, family and friends in creating support for our youth breaking the stigmas around mental health care and bring awareness to the importance of youth mental health options. The youth board will create programs and that foster youth peer support and youth mental health first aid.

    We have 14 board member seats available. Youth board will meet twice a month and sometimes in between if events are scheduled. Meetings will be held at The Heart building in Phoenixville on the second floor in the Think Space. Youth members can attend meetings virtually instead of in-person.

    Now Accepting Applications for 2022 Sign-up Here